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What is
Sitara Akka?

A support system. 'Akka' in Kannada means 'big sister'.

We are a community of Akkas and Annas providing a support system to 10th grade students to help them become self-directed learners for life. Education cannot be a one-size-fit-all service. We offer personalised learning support to each of our makkalu, so that they are well-positioned to take charge of their own life. 

We are strongly committed to ensuring that our support system is accessible to students in every nook and corner of Karnataka. For this, we use a power combination of Kanglish (Kannada+English) as a bilingual mode of delivery, Akkas and Annas for maximum age relatability, and our custom WhatsApp app which allows us to scale without dilution.

Start Your Journey With Sitara Akka Today

Neevu 10th standardnalli iddre, here's all you need to know!


Study Skills

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Learn to learn.

What is my learning style? How to study different chapters? How to manage different distractions?

Learn Math and Science in Kanglish from our video content and study material and learn how to learn so that you can master any topic, not only in 10th, but in life.


Stream Selection

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How to make the decision: Which stream after 10th?

We take you through an entire inward-outward journey, helping you understand yourself and your realities, and then exploring the market and careers out there. We work with students to set a strong vision for themselves and encourage them to become active decision makers in the process of stream selection.


Exam Prep

Be exam ready.

How to write a great exam paper? How to maintain overall well-being during exam season? How to manage time effectively?

Learn tips and tricks, participate in live revision sessions and solve questions with your akkas and annas so that you can graduate 10th standard peacefully.

Our Impact


Student Subscribers on YouTube

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Student Users on WhatsApp

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Districts in Karnataka Reached


Have shown an increase in their academic marks


Feel more confident in their abilities


Feel they have become more proactive to seek guidance

What our Makkalu Have to Say

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"Sitara akka was one of my best teacher in my life and mam is one of the best role model and weapon in our life.

Our school they did not gave proper coaching. One day during school level examination I was demotivated by my teacher and I felt very sad.
So I was followed Sitara akka class both maths and science. From their support, I got 100/100 in my science annual exam. I was 3 Rd topper in our school and I was awarded 12,000 rupees and rupees 52,000 fees was reduced. Really they only saved my life and helped my future.  Today also I suggested my juniors to watch these channel.

In the world all are don't have equal opportunity to understand some teaching style of teachers but Sitara gave all of us equal opportunity to develop our talents. Thank you so much for helping the students bright future akka"



Working with the Best Partners

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