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Our Work

From our learnings from working closely with our students, we've seen the consequences of having education as a one-size-fit-all solution. More than 70% of the students who reach out to us are those who are in 10th standard without grade-level competency and come from high needs communities. 

To solve for this, we provide a personalised learning journey to students at Sitara Akka and take them through a 1-year program to foster their social, emotional and intellectual growth so that they can graduate as self-directed learners for life.

The Support

What does it mean to be a self-directed learner? We believe it is someone who demonstrates self-awareness, self-regulation, confidence, decision making ability and a win-together mindset.

To foster these competences, we take our students through an experience which is deep-rooted in self-discovery and social emotional learning. It covers 3 essential components - Study Skills, Stream Selection and Exam Prep.

Innovating for Access

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