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Sitara Champions Program - Class 10

Welcome to Sitara Champions Program 2024 , where we support students to turn their dreams into reality. As you start your 10th standard, we help you with life skills and guidance so that you can achieve academic excellence, personal growth and development.

What is the Program?

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Study Skills

Learn how to study different subjects, time management, dealing with distractions - so that neevu yaav topic bekadru kali bahudu, not just in 10th standard, but in life.

Become a lifelong learner.

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Stream Selection

10th aadmele - science, commerce or arts? We guide you by exposure to various careers, your own interests, strengths and needs - so that neevu ondu informed decision togolbahudu.

Make your dreams a reality.

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Exam Prep

We have videos for all Math and Science chapters explained in Kannada, chapter notes, tests, formula sheets and questions banks. Along with this, live revision, doubt clarification and more to graduate peacefully.

Why Should you Join?

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All our explanations are in Kanglish (Kannada + English), so that neevu comfortable aagi concepts annu kali bahudu. Kannada dalli modalu helkottu, English alli repeat maadtivi.

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Akkas and Annas

Learn from your akkas and annas, who are only a few years older than you. Avaru kelu varshagala hinde 10th alli iddaru, they understand you, your problems and your needs the best.

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YouTube and WhatsApp

We use YouTube, WhatsApp, Google Meet, Phone Calls - so that ellaru easy aagi mane alli kotkondu kali bahudu. If you can use a smartphone for 1 hour everyday, innu yenu bekilla.

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Join the Sitara Champions Program



For any queries, message us on WhatsApp: 9741371467

Note: This program is for English-medium students.
Limited seats only.

Hear from our graduated students

Whether it's mastering effective study techniques, making informed decisions about your future career path, or conquering exam anxieties, Sitara Akkas and Annas are always there for you. Join us today to be part of the Sitara Champions Program 2024.


Q1. When does the program start?

We will start in the last week of May 2024.

Q2. When does the program end?

The program ends once Board Exams end, however, we will continue to engage with our students even after the program ends.

Q3. How are the sessions conducted?

Sessions are conducted online using YouTube, Google Meet and WhatsApp.

Q4. When are the sessions?

The sessions will be on weekday evenings / weekend, as per the students’ convenience.

Q5. How are the scholarships and cash rewards decided?

As per a student’s engagement, effort and quality of work, we select students for scholarships and cash rewards. It is not dependent on a student’s marks.

Q6. Do I have to pay any other fees?

There is only a one-time fee of Rs. 799 for the entire year.

Q7. Can I pay in installments? 

No, it has to be paid in full. If you need any special accommodations, reach out to us and we will try our best to help you.

Q8. If I choose to discontinue will there be a refund?

If you choose to discontinue before May 20, 2024, there is a 50% refund available. No refunds are available post that.

Q9. I am a Kannada medium student. Can I join the program?

Our program and material is designed for English medium students, however a Kannada student may also join it, if they feel it is going to be valuable to them.

Q10. Are there any free services?

Yes, we have all of the 10th math and science chapter videos on YouTube and a doubt clarification service on WhatsApp which is free for everyone to use.

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